Sunday, April 20, 2014

Minute With Andy

A Minute with Andy: Reliable Transportation!
Andy rants on how nice it is to have reliable transportation!

A Minute with Andy: LIVE Lobster Tank!
Andy rants on how he dislikes the LIVE Lobster tanks at Restaurants!

A Minute with Andy: Parking Spots
Andy rants on the one parking spot everyone races too.

He's Back......A Minute with Andy: Greg Rowles Facebook Posts!
Andy rants on all the mushiness that Greg Rowles sends through Facebook.

A Minute with Andy: Flip Flopping Football Fans
Andy rants on the flip flopping football fans at the end of the regular season.

A Minute with Andy: Sick At Work
Andy rants on the workplace and sick co-workers.

A MInute with Andy: Holiday Text Messages!
Andy rants on the mass texts he gets around the Holidays!

A Minute with Andy: Secret Santa
Andy rants on Secret Santa in the workplace!

A MInute with Andy: Weird Dishes at Thanksgiving
Andy rants on all the weird dishes that are brought to Thanksgiving Dinner.

A Minute with Andy: Barking Dogs!
Andy rants on how his dogs only bark when THEY want to!