Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Facebook Launches a Scrapbook for Your Baby
Facebook allows you to now make digital photo albums and tag pictures of your baby.

Could Your Home Make You Unhealthy?
Greg and Abbi take a look at how thick curtains can help you loose weight and good neighbors reduce the risk of heart attack!

Local News at Midday
Lauren takes a look at the arrest made in Myrtle Beach for an attempted murder. Plus she has the story of how one mother apologized to a stranger on Facebook for her children's behavior.

Amazon's New Service
Amazon just unveiled its latest new service, and we take a look at how it can make your life a whole lot easier!

Tuesday's Midday Headlines
Indiana's governor speaks out about the controversial "religious freedom" act...PLUS it turns out dancing is even better for us than we think!

British Schools Threaten Parents
Principals across the pond are warning parents to NOT let their kids play violent video games, and if they do allow these games to be played, the schools will get the police involved. Greg and Abbi gives their perspectives.

Hockey Helmet Safety Ratings
A Virginia Tech study found that many hockey helmets do not protect against concussions as they should.

Most Congested Cities
Tom Tom released the results of their study which put together which cities are the most congested in the world.

Do Americans Save or Spend?
Recent study shows 1 in 5 Americans are not saving any money from their paychecks.

Quality vs Quantity
Should you be spending more or less time with your child? Greg and Abbi take a look at a recent study that says it's more beneficial to have quality time with your children.