Monday, August 31, 2015

Fox News Now

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No Rules for Children?
A new method of parenting allows children to choose how they learn, what they eat, and how they live their lives, but is it helpful or harmful to child development?

Should Parents Track Their College Student's Attendance?
A new app has been released that tells parents if their child has been skipping school. Greg and Abbi discuss if it should be allowed and why.

Darlington Dog of the Week.
Meet Yenny, and Yeller....

Yoga Pants Banned From School Dress Codes
Kinard and Abbi talk about the growing trend of school banning yoga pants and leggings from their dress codes.

Friday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis has the afternoon's top headlines.

Hurricane Preparations
Local Emergency officials are tracking tropical storm Erika and are taking steps to make sure Horry county is prepared if it happens to head our way.

Upstate New York Asks to Secede
Believing their ideals don't match, upstate New York is looking to create its own state of New Amsterdam.

Banning Smoking in Airports
An anti-smoking group is calling for a ban on smoking from airports but what are the repercussions? Greg and Abbi have details.

Thursday's Midday Headlines
Lauren has details on the 16-year-old who was missing for a week plus she shares information on the newest store to hit Costal Grand Mall.

Costume Controversy
It isn't even fall yet and already two costumes are creating quite a stir. Greg and Abbi discuss how the creators are defending themselves.