Thursday, December 18, 2014

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String of Armed Robberies
Multiple robberies in Darlington County.

Bumper Sticker Controversy
A bumper sticker has caused quite the stir in a California town, and the school district is not behind this.

Tis' the Season to Regift?
It's a trend growing in popularity--re-gifting! Greg and Abbi talk about when they have done it.

Wednesday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis is at the news desk following the afternoon's top stories.

Cop's Good Deed Goes Viral
An Alabama police officer's good deed has gone viral after he helped a shoplifter.

Tuesday's Midday Headlines
In Tuesday's headlines, Lauren Pogulis has the latest from Pakistan and an update on the VA scandal.

Shameless Selfies
In the wake of the Sydney Siege, people were taking selfies at the scene, and since then social media has exploded with negative comments towards them.

Texting While Driving
The grace period of texting while driving is over, and police will start fining you if caught.

Study: Social Media Good for Elderly
A new study shows that learning how to use social media can improve cognitive ability in the elderly.

Should Employers Get Involved in Fitness?
It's a growing trend among big companies--employers buying fitness tracking devices in bulk, but is that their business? Greg and Abbi break it down.