Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fox News Now

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Gotham/Nicholas D'Agosto Profile
A young actor has taken on a challenging role in FOX's "Gotham" series.

Pawless Puppy Gets Recued
A dog was found stranded in North Carolina with no hind legs.

Buddy Bench
A student created this buddy bench for lonely kids to sit together at recess, and Greg and Abbi break it down.

Friday's Headlines From the News Desk
Lauren Pogulis breaks down President Obama's immigration reform and even has information about where you may be getting your turkey from this year.

Restaurant Getting Rid of Tips
A new San Francisco restaurant is getting rid of tips, and instead just increasing their prices by 15%. Good idea?

Student Suspended for Imaginary Gun
A fifth-grader got suspended for two days for pointing an imaginary gun the school's cafeteria.

Same Sex Marriages
More same sex marriages and marriage license applications are appearing in South Carolina.

"Normal" Barbie
A new form of Barbie is made to look like the average 19-year-old woman. She even comes with stretch marks, acne, and tattoos.

Thursday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis is at the news desk with news about a shooting in Florida, and details about President Obama's speech on immigration.

Assistant Principal's Tweet Lands Her in Hot Water
An assistant principal at a Virginia high school tweeted out a racist caption to a picture that now has her in the middle of a controversy.