Friday, October 9, 2015

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Waters Expected to Rise
Already bad conditions in Georgetown are getting worse as our flood coverage continues.

IN LUCK: Michigan Woman Wins $310 Million Jackpot
A Michigan factory worker won big this week...listen up to find out if she is keeping her job!

Thursday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis has the top stories at midday, including how the Carolinas are coping with historic flooding, and two unlikely friends.

Fall Colors Styling Tips
Tony Ness of Dolce Lusso sits down with Abbi to discuss some of fall's hottest hair colors.

Carolina Flooding Continues
Coastal areas of South Carolina are on edge for more flooding as water from rivers makes its way towards the Atlantic.

Gun Stores Closing Down
San Francisco is shutting the doors on its last gun shop, but will this stop violent crimes?

Health Concerns for South Carolina Flood Victims
Greg and Abbi discuss the health issues that could be caused by flooding in South Carolina

Wednesday's Midday Headlines
Biden supporters are trying to push the Vice President into running for office with a new ad campaign plus Lauren has the heartwarming story a veteran who gave his service dog the honor of being his best man.

Coastal Flooding Concerns
Water levels from historic flooding in South Carolina continue to rise.

South Carolina Flooding
Flooding concerns are shifting toward the coast at this hour. Governor Nikki Haley says that could lead to...