Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fox News Now

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Flag Controversy Continues
The Myrtle Beach City Council said it is time to remove the Confederate Flag in Columbia.

The Rise of Sleep Divorces
Greg and Liz talk about the rise of sleep divorces.

Monday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis has details about a string of church fires in South Carolina, Plus she takes a look at the most recent shark attacks in North Carolina.

Bseketball Game Shooting
Shots ring out at a basketball game in Hartford.

Marriage Equality Celebration
Couples in the Lone Star state celebrate finally being able to get hitched!

Prison Escape 6/27
Progress made on the hunt for two escaped prisoners...

Update on Obama's eulogy in Columbia
Large crowd gathers for Obama's eulogy for Reverend Pinckney

Gay Marriage Ruling
A divided Supreme Court voted today that same sex couples can marry all across the country.

Charleston Victims Laid to Rest
The goodbyes continue for the 9 people gunned down inside a historically black church in Charleston.

Working Moms Have Positive Impacts
A Harvard study reveals that daughters benefit in employment if they don't have a stay-at-home mother.