Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Hospital System Hacked
An unknown person hacked into a computer network for one of the nation's largest...

More tear gas and smoke canisters launched at protestors in Missouri overnight. Once again, clashes in ensue in Ferguson following te shooting death of unarmed teen Micheal Brown.

Back to School
Most students in the Pee Dee finished their first day of the 2014-2015 school year today, and...

Gaza Conflict
The progress made in the Israel-Hamas cease-fire agreement that was on the table is now appearing to be unlikely.

Kidnapped Amish Girls Found
A man and woman are behind bars in upstate New York charged with the kidnapping of two young girls.

Tax Dollars at Work
Horry County fire rescue officials say they're putting your tax dollars to work to better protect you.

Iraq Mission Update
Iraq's leader vows to again to hold onto power as American military personnel are in the country to help stranded refugees.

Penny Sales Tax
Horry County says it's one cent penny sales tax has raised more than 425 million dollars. However, local leaders say...

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Ranked
National Geographic ranks Myrtle Beach as having one of the top ten best boardwalks in the country.

St. Louis Shooting Update
Tensins continue to flare in suburban St. Louis, Missori following the death of an unarmed college-bound teen by a police officer. The victim's family has hired Benjamin Crump, the same attorney that represented the family of Trayvon Martin. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has announced its Civil Rights division is opening an investigation as well.