Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Best Inventions of 2014
Time Magazine released its list of the best inventions of 2014, and Greg and Cyndi talk about their favorites.

Tuesday's Midday Headlines
From the unrest in Ferguson, MO to a brand new hand for a 5-year-old South Carolina boy, Lauren Pogulis has the top stories from the news desk.

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision
A St. Louis County Grand Jury has declined to indict Ferguson police office Darren Wilson.

No More Wheeled Baggage
Venice, Italy is banning all wheeled luggage from its streets and airports because of street destruction and noise.

School Won't Let Student Bring Service Dog
A school won't let a 7-year-old boy with epilepsy bring his service dog to school because of other students' allergies.

Monday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis has breaking news about Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

Military Dad Comes Home
Nine year old's dad comes home just in time for the holidays.

Gotham/Nicholas D'Agosto Profile
A young actor has taken on a challenging role in FOX's "Gotham" series.

Pawless Puppy Gets Recued
A dog was found stranded in North Carolina with no hind legs.

Buddy Bench
A student created this buddy bench for lonely kids to sit together at recess, and Greg and Abbi break it down.