Saturday, July 26, 2014

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North Myrtle Beach Construction Projects
A major upgrade project for one of North Myrtle Beach's busiest roads is being planned.

Casino's Coming to Myrtle Beach?
One State Lawmaker plans to introduce a bill next year that would allow Casinos in Myrtle Beach.

Beach Tent Bans
Myrtle Beach regulations about having tents on the beach.

New Annexation Vote
The Myrtle Beach annexation vote that happened will not count from last week. Fox Morning News fills you in on the details.

Uber Ridesharing App Opposition
Since Uber has arrived in Myrtle Beach, it has been met with some strong opposition.

Rise in Myrtle Beach Passengers in Myrtle Beach
More people are traveling through Myrtle Beach International Airport, and it could be due to...

New Crime Prevention Initiative
A new crime prevention initiative begins in Hartsville this week, see what you can do to be apart of it.

Moon Landing 45 Years Later
Around the country, Americans are remembering one of the biggest achievements in the history of mankind.

Around The World in 80 Seconds 07/20
A look around the world in 80 seconds looks at another highway tragedy in Germany. South China is hit with a Super Typhoon

Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran is now facing pressure from western countries to curb their nuclear program.