Friday, March 6, 2015

Fox News Now

WFXB - Fox News Now Intro

#DearMe Campaign
Greg and Abbi and other faces at WFXB share their advice to their younger-selves.

New Class Teaches How to Carry Your Gun AND Baby
Mother of three created a class to teach parents how to safely carry their gun and baby together to prevent tragedy.

Maternity Hotels
Hotels in California being raided for allowing women from overseas have children in them just to have their children as US citizens.

Wet Winter Weather
A good portion of the country is preparing for a mix of weather as another storm barrels its way towards the East Coast.

Worst Job Interview Blunders has released a new list of some of the biggest DON'Ts when it comes to job interviews.

Treadmill Formula Predicts Death
A formula has been created to predict how long you may live.

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal
Hillary Clinton uses personal email for work emails and is facing backlash as a result.

White House Security Concerns
In the span of twenty-four hours, three different intruders tried to get onto the grounds of the White House.

Consumer Alert: Wine Not Wine?
Shoppers have noticed that some wines are instead just "wine based drinks" and just 75% wine.

Future of SnapChat
The app is gaining a huge number of viewers in its new "discover" featuring, including nearly 25 million people who watched storm coverage in January.