Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Local Use of Military Vehicles
The Sheriff's office in Darlington County and some county council members butt heads over...

08/30 Across America
The efforts of some good Samaritans are not enough to save a woman pinned under a taxi.

Child Neglect Bust
Fox Morning News has you covered on a recent Child Neglect Bust that happened upstate.

College Football Kicks Off
The South Carolina Gamecocks kicked off the first NCAA Division 1 college football game of the season.

Rediscussing Vetoed Bills
The South Carolina House met today for a one day session to take up two bills that Governor Nikki Haley...

American ISIS member killed
U.S. intelligence agencies think there are perhaps one hundred Americans are fighting now in Syria. While that's a concern, the real concern is that one of them will come back to carry out an attack against the United States.

Labor Day Southern 500
Big NASCAR news out of Darlington County today. NASCAR officials announced Darlington Raceway will...

California Quake Update
Business owners in the Napa winery region now have to pick up the pieces two days after the worst earthquake in twenty-five years hit the Bay area.

Armed Robbery
Horry County Police say they have three people in custody who they believe robbed a gas station and...

California Quake
87 people are hurt after a 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocks the San Francisco Bay area.