Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Thanksgiving Day Security
As New York City gets ready to host the biggest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the country, the NYPD is ramping up security efforts. **THIS VIDEO MAY CONTAIN GRAPHIC IMAGES/AUDIO

Price of Privacy?
Pharmacies are offering discounts in exchange for personal information, but will they send your health records to third parties?

Wednesday's Midday Headlines
Lauren has the latest on Donald Trump's visit to Myrtle Beach plus she has the story of how one boy received free haircuts for life after getting good grades

Clown Creeps out Neighbors
People in one Wisconsin town say they are creeped out by a person who dresses up in a clown costume

A Small Change?
John Oliver has suggested eliminating the penny, which ironically costs 1.7 cents to make. Greg and Abbi weigh in on the issue.

'Take What You Need' Social Experiment
Greg and Abbi show you a social experiment that asks people to take what they need, and it has some surprising results.

Tuesday's Midday Headlines
Lauren Pogulis has details about Donald Trump's visit to Myrtle Beach, how to properly prepare a fried turkey, a kissing bug found in North Carolina, & the Salvation Army's return to the Grand Strand.

Europe Fighting Terror
A street cleaner in a Paris suburb found an explosive vest, similar to those used in the Paris attacks.

Horry County Bus Routes
A little over a year ago, the SC Supreme Court ruled the state does not give children in poor, rural districts a chance to succeed. One of....

Is Fear to Blame for Diverted Flights?
Greg and Abbi take a look at flights that were delayed this weekend and why Americans have become more fearful of flying.