Tyler Kamp

The "Man on the Strand"


by WFXB Fox TV

Did you ever wonder what you would do if you had too much time on your hands? That's how Tyler got the job. We figured we needed a guy to ponder nonsense and then see what you think. With a background in television in front of, and behind the camera (Stay Tuned..., North Country Nightly, What's That?) and years in radio (Morning Madness, WQKE, TK Tonite!, WoW-FM, PS Rock Sho, K-Rock) we got the idea he may have some weird ideas. So naturally we gave him a camera and mic then set him loose on you. One of his favorite questions is, “How do I know the color blue to you, is the color blue to me?” In his off time he watches whatever is on TV as long as it is cartoons. How else do you think he could come up with questions a five year old would ask?

Want to know more? Submit your questions and Tyler will answer them and add it to his bio. E-mail him at ManOnTheStrand@wfxb.com

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