Italian Earthquake

At least eleven people are dead amid the rubble after a six-point-two earthquake.

Rescue efforts are currently underway in several Italian towns after an earthquake struck Central Italy. Crews are searching the rubble of Amatrice, while the mayor of Perugia believes half his town is gone. At least eleven have died so far. Heavily urban areas were not affected, but officials are  having trouble reaching some smaller towns. The quake lasted for almost…

Parents Upset Over Skyrocketing Cost Of EpiPens

Having the necessary EpiPens on hand is pinching the wallets of many parents as the price for the self-injection device — which contains the drug epinephrine and can counteract anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction — have soared 500 percent. Greg and Abbi have the story.  

Listing of the Week

Nancy Johnson of Dockside Realty joins Greg at the studio to tell viewers more about today’s listing of the week. For more information, contact or call (843)-318-1838.    

Ryan Lochte Loses All Major Sponsors

Speedo was the first, announcing early Monday it dropped its sponsorship of embattled U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte. By the end of the day, three other companies also said they would cut ties with him.  

Zika Battle

Florida Governor Rick Scott is defending the state's response to the Zika outbreak.

  As Florida continues to battle the Zika outbreak, a new battle is brewing between the state and local governments. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine is accusing Gov. Rick Scott of not taking enough action. Miami Beach is one of the state’s hotspots along with another neighborhood in Miami, and Mayor Levine is disappointed in the Governor’s efforts to keep…

Ryan Lochte Speaks Out Amid Controversy

American Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte said in a new interview that his “mistake was over-exaggerating” the story about being held up at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. but he stopped short of admitting lying. Greg and Abbi have more.

Horry County Parents Upset Over New Early Graduation Policy

A new policy in Horry County Schools can affect where students go to college and what scholarships they receive. Under the new rule, students who finish school in January will no longer receive a class ranking, one of three main criteria colleges look for when accepting new students. Greg and Abbi explain.

Trump Renewed

Donald Trump hopes to turn a new corner with his campaign this week.

Despite dropped poll numbers, Republicans hope Donald Trump can re-energize his campaign, starting with stops in Ohio today. Following a shake-up in campaign leadership, Trump’s strategy is to try and reset his campaign as the election draws nearer, even if it means softening on some of his platforms. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will be out and about in California, still facing…