Listing of the Week

Deanna Gentleman of Dockside Realty show a lake-view property in Garden City, SC in Tuesday’s listing of the week. For more information, contact or call 843-446-0189.

Presidential Pressures

A new poll has Donald Trump trailing Hillary Clinton in the polls.   Donald Trump’s campaign has seemingly stalled in early polls, and the presumptive GOP nominee is preparing to re-vamp his campaign as the Republican National Convention approaches. As presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s polls rise, Trump has turned his attacks to one of Clinton’s newest supporters, Sen. Elizabeth Warren  (D-WA). Warren, a far-left Democrat, has campaigned alongside Clinton over…

Man On The Strand: Road Trips

Man On The Strand: Road Trips

Road trips are a staple of summer, and everyone has a good story to tell!  Tyler hits the streets to hear your most epic road trip adventures.

West Virginia Underwater

West Virginia is still locked in the grip of extreme weather, with more rain on the way. West Virginia is still reeling from last week’s extreme weather. Tens of thousand in the state still remain without electricity in the wake of last week’s flooding, which killed at least 25 people, and dozens of roads remain underwater. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has issued disaster declarations in forty-four of the state’s fifty-five counties. Additional rain is forecasted for…

Disney Removes All Reptile Jokes and Characters

Today, Disney reopened its beaches, which now have fences and signs warning visitors of alligators in the area. But the signs are not the only change to the resort after the tragedy. Walt Disney World has also removed all alligator and crocodile jokes from the park’s scripts, as well as familiar characters such as Peter Pan’s Tick Tock Croc

UK Exits EU

Citizens of the United Kingdom have voted out of the European Union.   The world awakens to global shockwaves following the results of a British vote to leave the European Union. Early predictions looked like the majority wanted to stay, but a renewed nationalism in the wake of anti-immigration and resistance to policymakers abroad led to the vote to leave. Already the rest of the world is reacting, with global markets…