Horry County School District On Bathroom Policy

The Horry County School District is adopting a policy that will allow transgender students to use the restroom consistent with their gender identity and affirmed commitment to protecting transgender students from discrimination.

Man On The Strand: Living At Home

Man On The Strand: Living At Home

A record number of millennials are living at home after college, and Tyler hits the streets to find out how long you think it’s okay to live at home.

Allegiant Under Review

The bargain airline is under new scrutiny from the FAA.

  The FAA is taking a big step in its oversight of Allegiant Air. The agency has confirmed it has moved a review of the airline two years ahead of schedule. The expedited review -starting this month- the comes after numerous reported maintenance mishaps over the past year, including a plane losing its nose cone just before takeoff. Despite the…

Life’s Milestones: First Kiss, First Job, Moving Out, & Having Child

Life's Milestones: First Kiss, First Job, Moving Out, & Having Child

Researchers have determined the average age people hit certain life milestones.  According to their findings, the average person gets their first kiss at age 15, their first full time job at the age of 19, moves away from home at the age of 22, and has their first child at the age of 28.  Greg and Abbi talk about if…

The Buzz Is Back With Hornets Playoff Wins

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I’m here cause I’m borderline obsessed with the Hornets,” said Hornets fan, Jeremy Butts. Hornets fans are buying up team gear before Friday’s home playoff game against Miami Heat. “The energy here has been unbelievable,” said Hornets Senior VP of Marketing, Seth Bennett. And tickets sales are showing the Queen City’s support.   “They’re moving really fast that…