The jackpot keeps growing for the Powerball lottery.

No one won Saturday’s multi-state drawing, so the top prize for tonight’s Powerball is $403,000,000.

Whoever wins the jackpot can choose to take their winnings either in a lump sum cash payment or in an annuity paid out over 29 years. Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WFXB) – Medical cannabis is one step closer to becoming legal in South Carolina.

House lawmakers passed a medical marijuana bill at a sub-committee Tuesday night. The bill would allow doctors to recommend up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana to their patients who are suffering with health ailments.

Doctors, researchers and residents all testified Tuesday. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Sheriff’s Association spoke against the bill. They said it will increase the burden on law enforcement.

A North Carolina woman is suing beverage giant Anheuser-Busch. She claims the company used a picture she posted on social media for its advertising.

The picture in question shows Kayla Kraft wearing a mustache while drinking from a Natural Light bottle. The picture was then used in multiple advertising campaigns with the slogan “Every Natty has a story”.

Kraft, of Greenville, is suing for relief of copyright infringement, relief of invasion of privacy by misappropriation, relief of violation of the right of publicity, and prayer for relief. Kraft has registered the picture with the US Copyright Office.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WFXB) – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper dropped-in on an elementary school in Raleigh Tuesday to push his plan for teacher pay raises.

Gov. Cooper’s plan includes an average 5% pay raise for teachers this fiscal year, and another 5% increase in the next year. He claims it is the largest two-year investment in teacher salaries in the last decade.

Right now, North Carolina ranks 41st in the country in teacher salaries. Pay raises in the last couple of years have attempted to un-do the damage of frozen teacher salaries during the recession.


Controversial conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos is now hoping to move forward after leaving Breitbart news. Old video clips resurfaced showing him appearing to condone sexual relationships between men and boys as young as thirteen. He is now condemning the comments saying he, himself, is a victim of sexual abuse. Yiannopoulos has regularly been met with protesters in opposition to his conservative viewpoints that push the boundaries of political correctness. He now says the media was waiting to release the footage until it made a larger impact on his career.

Your Facebook feed is getting a makeover soon — and not everyone will be happy about it.

The way you experience video on your feed is about to change. If you look at a video now — it’s silent. You have to tap it in order to hear the sound. Pretty soon — that’s going away.

Instead, Facebook is pumping up the volume. When a video autoplays, so will the sound. As you scroll through your feed,the sound will fade in and out.

If the thought of a loud feed gives you a headache , there will be a way to permanently turn this feature off. It’s a simple switch in settings. Also, if your phone is on silent — the sound will not autoplay.

Another change — watch and scroll. This allows you to minimize the video you’re watching  so you can continue to check out other things on your feed. Facebook hasn’t given a timeline for when your feed will become louder. The company says it will slowly bring the feature to people.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WFXB) – Paper or plastic? If environmental groups and some local governments could have it their way, they would ditch plastic for good. But a new bill wants to leave it up to you, the shopper.

The state bill to prohibit local governments from passing plastic bag bans is set for debate on the House’s calendar this week. The bill would protect single-use bags, cups, food containers, and other packages from being prohibited in any local law.

COLUMBIA, SC (WFXB) – The Confederate flag could soon be banned from all public buildings in South Carolina.

York Rep. John King filed a bill this week that would prohibit the flag from being flown or displayed anywhere besides a museum or private property.

In July 2015, the Confederate flag that flew on South Carolina statehouse grounds for over half a century was removed. Both sides of the debate say they will seek legal action, depending on the outcome of the vote.

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